D'OH! We Ran Out of Duff Beer!

Why do we love the Simpsons so much?   Outside of each episode providing us with some much needed comic relief, it’s probably because we can all relate to Homer, Bart, or one of the other 100 plus characters whose life can’t seem to go the way they’ve envisioned.  Luckily for everyone in Springfield Duff Beer exists to wash down their sorrows and celebrate their victories.  Did you know that Duffman the spokesperson for Duff beers was inspired by former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan?  The story goes that Axl Rose introduced Duff as Duff “The King of Beers” McKagan during an MTV interview and soon thereafter writers for the Simpsons debuted Duffman.   Regardless of which character is your favorite, you can be assured that this week’s trivia night will provide you with enough Simpsons, Summer Time, and “Is it a law?” questions to keep you entertained.


SSF Historical Society Charity Event!

For those of you looking for our trivia night topics for tonight they will be: Which Jennifer?, Friends (TV Show), and Celebrity Alcohol. 

Instead of devoting this blog post to tonight's trivia we want to let you know about our Historical Society Charity Event this Saturday 6/25/16 from 4-10pm at our brewery.  As part of our unveiling of new historical photos on our brewery walls we will also be giving back to the SSF Historical Society a portion of the night’s proceeds.  At this event you’ll be the first to see our walls decorated with historical SSF photos that highlight many local spots and people of South City.   The best part of all is that you won’t only get to be one of the first people to see these photos up, but also be supporting your community at the same time.  In our book that’s a win-win for us all, for more questions about this event feel free to contact us at


Has anyone seen Washington's journal laying around?

With father’s day fast approaching on June 19th, we thought it fitting to share with you some founding fathers facts.  Jefferson, Madison, and Washington all loved their beer.  In fact Madison loved beer so much he briefly entertained the idea of building a federal brewery.  He thought by having a federal brewery it could curb the population from drinking hard liquors over malt liquors.   Many know about Washington’s passion for beer, but did you know that he kept a journal with all of his recipes too?  Do you think Jefferson borrowed any of Washington’s recipes when he finally decided to brew beer after leaving office?  What maybe more interesting to note is that until Jefferson  finally started brewing his own beer, Martha his wife would do all the brewing in the Jefferson house hold.  It’s hard to believe with all our founding fathers did for our country they found the time to brew.   We hope this weekend if you’re fortunate enough to spend time with your father you’ll be able to use some of these beer facts to spark a great conversation with him maybe even over a beer.  Happy Father’s Day!


We’re going to need a new Timmy and another beer!

In the early 90’s one of the most popular TV shows of the time featured a family of dinosaurs called what else but Dinosaurs!  With famous coined phrases like “We’re going to need a new Timmy” and episodes that dealt with difficult social issues of the time (90’s) the show quickly became a hit. 

Every Wednesday night at 7pm we host Brewer’s Trivia that covers a number of vast topics from science to the Game of Throwns.  Tonight one of our topics will be dinosaurs, from actual dinosaurs to the TV show.  Which made us think, what Armstrong Brewing beer would Earl Sinclair (TV Father Dinosaur) like the most?  Because they lived in prehistoric times we imagine the climate would be hot.  So a Moes Gose would most likely do the trick, however we think dinosaurs would like a little more hop to their beverage like our 415 Fog.   Or even a Belgian IPA?!  Yes, you heard it here first one of our next rotational beers will be a Belgian IPA. 

On that note, we look forward to seeing you tonight for “Not the mama!” style trivia, beer, and great conversations with you about our current and future beer list.