In a galaxy far, far away...

A long, long, time ago we boldly went where few wanted to go with craft brewing.  We decided that favorable beers are more enjoyable than over hopped beers.  Though, from time to time there’s always room for a good over hopped beer like when you’re eating a Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Which by the way is on our secret menu, but we digress.   Our trivia topics for tonight will be Breaking Bad; Is it Star Wars, Star Trek, or Starship Troopers?; and Science.  And for those of you who are reading this blog looking for trivia hints here you go: Who is credited with the invention of the modern periodic table? A: Mendeleev


We Found Pikachu!

Pokemon Go is all the rage this week with more active users than twitter, not to mention that the app isn’t available on all continents yet.  So with that, it’s our pleasure to announce that one of our topics this week for trivia will be Pokemon!  I know that we’ve been holding out for the right moment and we believe this is it.  So head on down to our brewery see what species of pokemon you can catch and enjoy a beer all while trying to answer trivia questions all at the same time.



Get off the couch and dust off that 4th of July BBQ blues, because tonight is all about AMERICA!  The land of the free, home of the brave, and thirsty!  We’ve got all your favorite house beers on tap and trivia.   Help us take it up a notch by wearing you favorite U.S.A gear as we help support the SSF Mothers Club.   America is too big and important to just celebrate on one day, we’re celebrating all week long starting with Trivia at 7pm tonight!  Did you know that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey instead of the bald eagle to be our national bird, what a turkey!


D'OH! We Ran Out of Duff Beer!

Why do we love the Simpsons so much?   Outside of each episode providing us with some much needed comic relief, it’s probably because we can all relate to Homer, Bart, or one of the other 100 plus characters whose life can’t seem to go the way they’ve envisioned.  Luckily for everyone in Springfield Duff Beer exists to wash down their sorrows and celebrate their victories.  Did you know that Duffman the spokesperson for Duff beers was inspired by former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan?  The story goes that Axl Rose introduced Duff as Duff “The King of Beers” McKagan during an MTV interview and soon thereafter writers for the Simpsons debuted Duffman.   Regardless of which character is your favorite, you can be assured that this week’s trivia night will provide you with enough Simpsons, Summer Time, and “Is it a law?” questions to keep you entertained.