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It’s trivia night!  We can’t wait to see everyone out once again for what will likely be a night filled with laughs and cheers!  Tonight’s topics will be centered on 90’s sitcoms.  With shows like Seinfeld, Full House, and Friends 90’s sitcoms were a must watch.  Thanks to Amazon Prime and Netflix you can still watch your favorite episodes from those series or watch new ones with new sitcom spinoffs like Fuller House.   Our life hack to making it the perfect viewing experience is to pop open your favorite beer.  We recommend our Cracked Pepper Saison this week.  It goes great with BBQ and you can always use 90’s sitcoms as an excuse to invite all your friends over for day drinking on Sundays.  If you’re thinking about doing a BBQ this weekend consider purchasing a growler fill from us to go with that Cracked Pepper Saison.   


Hey Big Bird! Get out of my Selfie!

Kermit! Join us this week for The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Jim Henson Trivia Night.  One of our favorite puppeteers, Jim Henson changed the way we would learn our ABC’s and 123’s forever.  Today the closest things we have to puppets outside of his original creations are ventriloquists who use dummies for standup comedy.    You can’t help but smile when you think about the puppets, just like you can’t help but smile when you think about our Bacon Grilled Cheese sandwich with a 415 Fog to wash it down (shameless plug).  His creations made it possible for many to grow and learn in a safe environment called Sesame Street and inspired those same children in their teens with The Dark Crystal.  Jim Henson’s puppets owned the 80’s with movies like the Labyrinth and shows like Fraggle Rock.  Unfortunately for us, Jim passed away in 1990 from organ failure to do a bacterial infection.  One can only wonder what new and interesting creations he would have thought up next!  As we remember the man and work that brought us so many great memories we hope that trivia night takes you back, even for just a moment, to when life seemed simpler and a Muppet seemed like state of the art technology.


It can happen to you!



In a galaxy far, far away...

A long, long, time ago we boldly went where few wanted to go with craft brewing.  We decided that favorable beers are more enjoyable than over hopped beers.  Though, from time to time there’s always room for a good over hopped beer like when you’re eating a Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Which by the way is on our secret menu, but we digress.   Our trivia topics for tonight will be Breaking Bad; Is it Star Wars, Star Trek, or Starship Troopers?; and Science.  And for those of you who are reading this blog looking for trivia hints here you go: Who is credited with the invention of the modern periodic table? A: Mendeleev