No Beer Left Behind!!!

Over the last few weeks, we have put most of our effort into moving all of our equipment out of the old space and into storage until the new space is ready.

We were left with a decision to make.  In Oct 2012, we started a traditional lambic with the intent to allow it to age for a few years, but we unexpectedly had to move.

This left us with 3 choices:

1.  Leave it behind and start over (Boo!)

2.  Drop a straw in there and drink it

3. Find some way to transport 600+lbs of beer/barrel without disturbing it too bad

Here at Armstrong, we have rule: No Beer Left Behind, so the choice was easy.  We were either carrying it out of there in our bellies or in the barrel.  We chose the latter for our livers' sake.

We want to send a huge thank you to Edgar Fergoso for all of this help moving the equipment!  It's amazing what you can do with friends.


Nick & Ben


Floor Work This Week

This week is all about the floor plan and getting it ready to install the brewery.  The day after our last night at the old space, we were at the new location taping out the floor plan, grinding the floor and power washing it to lay the new floor.

We hope to start building out new walls and getting our plumbing and electrical contractors in there soon!

ONLY 87 DAYS UNTIL WE OPEN THE DOORS!!! So much to do...


Nick and Ben


Thank You to Our Awesome Friends

We would like to thank all of our friends for coming out last night and celebrating our last night at Littlefield Ave!!  We had an awesome time hanging out with all of you and sharing our plans.  Thank you all for your words of encouragement as we move to the next chapter.

We will be spending night and day getting the new space ready for all of you by June!  See you then!


Nick & Ben


Grand Finale Plans for March 7th

We've been asked if we're doing anything special for our Grand Finale tomorrow, March 7th, so here they are:

We will be opening an hour early at 4pm!  No need to wait around until 5pm to come out.  If you don't tell the boss, neither will we!

Also, we will have Mogo's Food Truck here serving their awesome Korean-Mexican fusion!

Come out early and enjoy the last drops of Armstrong Brew while showing down on some awesome food.  See you there!!!



Nick & Ben