Just throw the kitchen sink at it!

It happened last night unexpectedly, a seemingly normal night would turn into anything but.   As usual on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month we host live music in our tap room.  This week we had the distinct privilege of having the Thrown-Out Bones performing for our audience.   Some say their upbeat sounds caused the event, others say it was our Imperial Irish Red Ale, or the San Gabriel Valley winds somehow making their way up north for some odd reason.  However, we know better the true cause of what we believe is going to be the most talk about pizza last night in our brewery and going forward was hunger!   Visit our taproom today to try what we are now affectionately calling the “Kitchen Sink”.


Brown Enters Presidential Race!

Ok, so Governor Jerry Brown isn’t running for president in 2016.  However, we thought it would be fun to play with the idea of one of our flagship beers running for office.  

Our South City Brown would most likely be the obvious beer candidate to run.  Being one of our most popular beers, it’s always a dependable and favorable beer with its’ caramel and chocolate notes. Unlike the tonsil liberal 415 Fog that has a nice crisp hop backbone to it, you can expect Brown to provide you with an earthy tone feel from the East Kent Golding hops used in the brewing process.   In addition, Brown does appeal to the masses. Moes Gose though equally favorable does lean more conservative, as seen by the numbers of new craft beer drinkers who like the floral taste it leaves behind on their pallets. Some of you will say, “Hey, what about Coffee Stout!” and we would say we are right there with you.  However, Coffee Stout's radical coffee flavor is ahead of its’ time.   Loved by breakfast fans everywherefor how it pairs so well with bacon and eggs the mainstream voters may not just yet be ready to elect it into office.  As always, we would love to hear from our loyal fans on which of our four flagship beers you think would be elected to office if it ran for the presidency.


Thank You!

We just want to say Thank You!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our last first few month of being open.   Looking back on our experience we can honestly say that we have been through a lot together and most of all very blessed.  We are blessed to have a community that continues to support us and provide us with encouraging words each and every day that we are open.  Not only through our taproom, but online as well.  In 2016 we look forward to continuing to build our small community of beer lovers and hope that you continue to visit us in our South San Francisco taproom.


SF BEER WEEK! 1.22.16 - 1.31.16

We're only a few days away from SF Beer Week!  We couldn't be more excited here at Armstrong Brewing Co.  If you haven't had a chance to purchase your tickets for our upcoming events, then do so soon as we fully expect that these events will sell-out soon.