Year Round Beers


Light Tart Salty

The Leipzig Gose is a light German wheat beer that is kettle soured using Greek Yogurt and it’s salty flavor comes from the bay salt added in the boil.  Later this beer is Dry hopped with fresh crushed coriander.  This beer is lightly hopped and has a bright finish.


Nutty Carmal Earthy

South City Brown is a flavorful, malt-focused beer with hints of nuttiness, biscuit, and caramel. This brown ale has earthy Kent Goldings hops to help balance the malt sweetness.

415 FOG 5.6% ABV 44IBU

Crisp Caramel Hoppy

The California Common, or Steam Beer, is a unique 100% American style lager. It's usually brewed with a special strain of lager yeast that works better at warmer temperatures. This beer has a crisp hoppiness that will not linger 

Nitro Coffee Stout

This beer may just become your new favorit breakfast drink.  Expect heavy chocolate and coffee flavors in the malt and balanced with the East Kent Goldings hops to bring out those eathy tones in the chocolate.  The dominant flavor here is the coffee where a half gallon per barrel of cold brewed coffee is added at conditioning to make this beer perfect with bacon and eggs. 


Black IPA 7.2% ABV 70IBU

Coffee  Lemon  Dill  

The Black IPA is a robust IPA with coffee notes, think herbal Lebonese coffee, due to the Carafa III malts used.  The Cascade and Centennial gives it a citrus like hop aroma, but the star in this beer is the Sorachi Ace.  Sorachi Ace is a japanese variety that accentuates the herbal notes of the Carafa malts, but then gives a definite punch of lemon and dill in the flavor and aroma side of the hop profile.

Imperial Irish Red 6.5% ABV 28IBU

Raisin Earthy Roasted

A close cousin of the traditional Irish Red Ale, the Imperial Red is just a bit bigger.  This beer starts with a full raisin sweetness due to the heavy use of dark crystal malts but is balanced with the earthy UK Goldings hops.  Thanks to the light-handed use of roasted barley, the finish of this beer will leave your palate dry like roasted almonds.


Barrel Aged Beers*

Cracked Pepper Saison (8.4% ABV)

The Cracked Pepper Saison has a dry finish with fruity esters and peppery phenolic notes from fermentatino occasionally fortified by an eclectic mix of herbs and spices.  Our notes version of this style of saison has a uniquely higher ABV % than most similar saisons.

Chocolate Cherry Stout (8.2% ABV) (2017 Batch Avaible Soon)

Aged in Pinot Noir barrels our Chocolate Cherry Stout gains its signature flavor from the original Luxardo Cherries. These cocktail cherries serve as a counterpoint to the 100% unsweetened cocoa we use, dark chocolate notes from the malt bill provide a easy to consumed beverage. Lightly hopped for balance, this stout is one of the most popular barrel aged beers we bottle each year.

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FREE BEER 4 LIFE Reward Program

The "Free Beer 4 Life Reward" program rewards anyone who donated $100 or more during our GoFundMe campaign with one free pint of beer at Armstrong Brewing Co. per month for life!  You can no longer join this program as it was a limited time offer. If you were one of the few lucky people to take advantage of this program you can get your one free pint each month at our 415 Grand, SSF location. If you do not take advantage of the free pint during the month it does not role over to the next. Your window has closed for that month.  The "Free Beer 4 Life Reward" does not entitle you to a Brewer's Circle membership or special pricing.  The Brewer's Circle is a brewery membership you pay into to be able to have access to our barreled aged beers. For questions about this program please feel free to contact us at info@armstrongbrewing.com