On Tap At 415 Grand

We're now open and have six beers on tap and will rotate them about ever two weeks, so come early and come often to enjoy your favorite brews.  Visit our site regularly to see what brews we plan to serve next.


Moes Gose (3.8%/ 16 IBU)

415 FOG (5.6%/ 41 IBU)

So. City Brown (5.6% / 34 IBU) 

B & W Coffee Stout (7.8% / 44 IBU)

Belgian Dubbel (7.1% / 26 IBU)

Pumpkin Ale (6.3 % / 36 IBU)


South City Cider (5.5%/ 0 IBU)

Speakeasy Red Rye Ale (5.5%/ 37 IBU)

Hop Dogma Saison (6.0%/ 22 IBU)

Hop Dogma A-Frame IPA (6.7%/ 70 IBU)

Freewheel Cask Big V Amber Ale (5% / 48 IBU)


Beers in the Barrel




The "Free Beer 4 Life" program rewards anyone who donated $100 or more during our GoFundMe campaign with one free pint of beer at Armstrong Brewing Co. per month for life!  You can no longer join this program as it was a limited time offer. If you were one of the few lucky people to take advantage of this program you can get your one free pint each month at our 415 Grand, SSF location. If you do not take advantage of the free pint during the month it does not role over to the next. Your window has closed for that month. For questions about this program please feel free to contact us at info@armstrongbrewing.com