On Tap Once We Open 415 Grand

Up to six beeers on tap and they rotate about ever two weeks, come early and come often.  Newest addition are listed first.  If you see more than six beers on the list than the last beer listed is about to run out and the first beer listed will be replacing it when it does.  Check in and often for what we will be serving.

So. City Brown (5.4% / 37 IBU) This is our Sour Brown, an English style brown ale, which has been lightly soured with Brett.

Moe's Gose (4.8%, 18 IBU) - The gose beer was brewed in Germany for over 1000 years before the end of World War II when East Germany became a part of communist Russia. The style is the only beer granted an exemption from the Reinheitsgebot, beer purity law of Germany. Brewed with salinated water, lactic acid and coriander, this beer is light but full of flavor.

415 FOG (7.8% / 33IBU) Medium/dark Belgian ale with with medium hop bitterness.  Significant phenolic aromas and flavors from the yeast.

Porter (6.5% / 38 IBU) Dark brown and full maltiness, this porter has some sweetness coming with caramel and chocolate flavors.  Medium hop bitterness. 

ESB (5.4% / 57 IBU) This is an English Pale Ale.  Similar to the South City Brown in its malt characteristics but a more hoppy profile.  Unlike the citric flavors produced by American hops, the ESB has more pine and resin flavors.

Dunkelweizen (7.2% / 39 IBU) A darker, malty version of the Geman Heffe.  Low hop bitterness and cloudy due to the yeast.  The typical banana and clove notes you would expect from a traditinal heffe.




Beers in the Barrel

Rye Whiskey Porter - Year end 2013

Traditional Lambic - Mid 2014