We’re a South San Francisco Brewery located in the heart of down town. “The Industrial City” or  South City has been home to many industries throughout its history for meat packing, ship building, and biotechnology.  Now we’re bringing in its newest industry … brewing. 

The Brewery

From the humble beginnings of 3 gallon extract beer on the stove, we now occupy a 900sqft building and brew 2 barrel batches (1 barrel = 31 US gallons).  The two barrel size was perfect for us as we will age many in oak barrels.  In the brewery, you will not find a centrifuge, filter or other equipment used to speed up the process as they also strip flavor.  We will let time take its course and improve the beer on its own. We have really enjoyed talking with other nano breweries out there that are opened or in the planning phase. If you want to know more about how we’ve done it or why chose our path, send us an email and we’d love to talk about it.


The Beers

Two words ... Flavor and Balance.  Because we brew such small batches, we are able to craft many varieties of flavorful beers using English and German malts, UK and Noble hops and the right yeast for the job, never sacrificing flavor for cost.  However, with only four ingredients, it’s surprisingly easy to overdo any one flavor: an IPA that tastes like hop extract or a barley wine that is so sweet you can't finish the glass.   While we brew a number unique beers, you can trust that each one is well balanced and ready to be enjoyed by you. Check out our Beer’s Page to see what’s on tap.


The Armstrong Team


Born in the backwoods of rural Georgia, Nick Armstrong always had a love affair with anything alcoholic. When he wasn't hanging out with his childhood friends, he was out in the backwoods concocting his own brews.  Never having owned a pair of shoes, Mr. Armstrong was told to pick up his rifle and head out west young man to San Diego.  Armed only with his half-wit, a 6-pack of beer, and his pappy's shotgun Nick toured the World with Uncle Sam as they visited many aimlessly deserts near and far.  Upon Nicks return he married his now wife and moved back east to obtain a public “edumaction” in yeast sex.  After six years of making bathtub gin, wine, and ales, he moved to the Bay Area and joined up with “Benny” in his warn down old warehouse.  One day while brewing, he was visited by the goddess Ninkasi where she bestowed the secrets of the brew.  Today Nick employs these secrets and creates the masterpieces brews you drink at Armstrong Brewing Co., but sadly… he still doesn't own a pair of shoes.


Ben “Benny” Colombo received his education on the gritty streets of South San Francisco.  Born Benjermin Albert Colombo, Benny was known as the tough but fair neighborhood enforcer who took care of problems the old fashion way.  In his late teens he branched out and became the local “Banker”, helping to finance the "American Dream" for families in his neighborhood.  By his early 20's there was no stopping this entrepreneurial beast that had his fingers in almost every business in a 4 block radius of where he grew up.  Having sipped his first beer at age 11, by the time he was 22 he had consumed so much beer that it became obvious to him that he needed his own brewery.  He spent the next 20 years of his life in search of the perfect master brewer, the idol savant of craft beer – that individual, it turns out, was none other than Mr. Nick Armstrong.  Impressed with the sheer strength of Nick’s arms as well as his seemingly endless knowledge of beer, brewing, yeast, fermentation, fracking, donuts, glass wear, and guns - a partnership was born.  A partnership forged in the darkest corners of an old warn down warehouse in South San Francisco.  That partnership is now called Armstrong Brewing Co.


Jason "The Can Do Kid" Cardoso grew up during the tech boom in the heart of Silicon Valley.   Jason made his mark early on as so many entrepreneurs in the Valley did before him by starting his first start up before the age of 2.  Inspired by investment shows he watched on CNBC and Bloomberg he decided he was more interested in becoming an investor than an entrepreneur and as such enrolled in B School to learn the tricks of the trade.  Always being on the lookout for a new business opportunity, on just a hunch one day while driving home from work he turned down a dark alley only to stumble upon a brewery named Armstrong.  Once he found the entrance and entered the brewery he was greeted by two wise guys Nick and Benny! Realizing that they had found the Sun Dance Kid to their Butch Cassidy operation they extended an invite to join the Armstrong team and the rest is history.