We’re located in South San Francisco, “The Industrial City.” South City has been home to many industries throughout its history from meat packing to ship building to biotechnology.  Now we’re bringing in its newest industry … brewing. 

The Brewery

From the humble beginnings of 3 gallon extract beer on the stove, we now occupy a 900sqft building and brew 2 barrel batches (1 barrel = 31 US gallons).  The two barrel size was perfect for us as we will age many in oak barrels.  In the brewery, you will not find a centrifuge, filter or other equipment used to speed up the process as they also strip flavor.  We will let time take its course and improve the beer on its own. We have really enjoyed talking with other nano breweries out there that are opened or in the planning phase. If you want to know more about how we’ve done it or why chose our path, send us an email and we’d love to talk about it.


The Beers

Two words ... Flavor and Balance.  Because we brew such small batches, we are able to craft many varieties of flavorful beers using English and German malts, UK and Noble hops and the right yeast for the job, never sacrificing flavor for cost.  However, with only four ingredients, it’s surprisingly easy to overdo any one flavor: an IPA that tastes like hop extract or a barley wine that is so sweet you can't finish the glass.   While we will be brewing a number unique beers, you can trust that each one will be well balanced and ready to be enjoyed. Check out our Beer’s page to see what’s on tap.


The Brewers

Meet Nick and Pat. Each were notable home brewers before opening the brewery.  Nick comes with a degree in Bioprocessing and Food Science where he worked in the beer and flavor labs and several commercial breweries in the area of his alma mater.  Nick has been brewing for over 10 years and has found his passion in the science of brewing and thrives to understand how each step of the process can influence flavor.  Pat comes to the brewery with 5 years of home brewing experience and is a Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone program.