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For the past three years Armstrong Brewing Co. has been bringing South San Francisco Bay Area locals together with our unique artisan brews. In fact, our popularity has grown so much that we took a leap of faith to close down our small industrial location and move into a new and bigger downtown location at 415 Grand Ave in South San Francisco to better accommodate our growing number of supporters. We developed a business plan, leveraged our assets, and allocated funds to get us opened in six months. However, six months soon turned into six more, and now we've been closed for over a year due to some construction and permitting delays - some of which were expected, some of which were unforeseen. In order for us to make our new projected opening date of July 2015 we'll need an additional $15,000 to cover overhead costs (equipment loans and city fees). The more funds we can raise the faster we can re-open. We truly believe that the work we're doing at Armstrong Brewing is bigger than just the craft brews we make. We believe we're building a better community around us too. We've made it this far on our own, tapping out each of our own personal finances, but now we are at the final stretch to the finish line and we need some help getting there. We are so close to re-opening, and to prove it to you, we are going to host an open house on 5/17/15, from 2-4pm, for anyone who wants to come see our progress and see what still needs to be done. We hope that this will give you faith in what we are doing and give you confidence that any money you donate will make a real difference. Help us achieve our goal of re-opening to the public in July 2015 by funding us TODAY! Any support would be greatly and truly appreciated by us and the community we serve.

A special THANK YOU to the following people who have helped fund our GoFundMe campaign!

Norm & Monica Peterson, Rigoberto Campbell, Vinay Bhaskar, Eduardo Sanhueza, Luke La, Jolene la, Kathy Buehmann, John Cardoso, Douglas Baker, Michele McEntee, Lynn Schuette, Sheila Amarga, Peter Harms, Jim Keba, Jared Niemiec, Greg Ruth, Michael lee, Miguel Nava, Daniel Shin, Jim McCormick, Eric Keller, Brian Connolly, Daniel Sherman, 3 Anonymous Funders...


We're currently closed while we prepare our new location for your next visit!  For more information and updates on our brewery check us out on facebook and twitter.  Check back soon and often for further brewery updates.